Google Play Store Error Code : 498 ? [Fixed]

Android users experience Error Code: 498 while they are trying to download games or other apps from the Google Play Store. Sometimes this error also occurs due to the device’s cache partition size when the users try to download an app that is larger than the cache partition. But there can be many reasons apart from that, which don’t allow you to download the apps from the Google Play Store. In such a situation when you try to download an app from Google Play Store, you get an error message as

“An error 498 has occurred while communicating with the server, reload.”

If you are also facing the same issue, you can follow these solutions. Here you will find the best ways to handle the Error Code: 498. Keep reading the article to get rid of Error Code: 498 from your Android phone.

Google Play Store Error Code 498
Google Play Store Error Code 498

Different Ways to Fix Error Code: 498

Mostly this error occurs when you are trying to download an app that is large in size than the cache partition. But apart from that, there can be different reasons which prevent you from downloading the apps from Google Play Store. Whatever the reason is, the below methods help you to fix it.

Method#1: Clear the Cache and Data

The first method involves clearing Cache and Data from the Google Play Store. Follow the below steps to do that.

  • Go to the Settings>Applications>Manage Applications and select the Google Play store.

clear chache 2 error 501

  • Select the Clear Cache and Data option.

error 504 clear data clear cache

  • Go back and download the app again to check if it’s working.

Method#2: Wipe Cache Partition 

The wiping of the cache partition cleans the temporary files from the installed apps, which may help you to fix the Error Code 498. Follow the below steps to do that.

  • Shut down your mobile phone.
  • Now, press the Volume Down + Power button and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds until your phone boots into recovery mode.
  • Open the recovery mode menu by using the volume buttons and choosing the Wipe Cache Partition option. Waite for the process to be completed.

wipe cache partition

  • In the end, choose the reboot option by pressing the power button.

Method#3: Remove and Add New Google Account 

This error can also be occurred due to some errors in account settings. So follow the below steps to remove and add a new Google Account.

  • Go to the Settings and Accounts
  • Choose the Google Account and remove it.

error code 504 remove account2

  • Now go again on the Settings and Account.
  • Tap on Add Account and click on Google. Follow all the on-screen instructions to finish with your account.

Method#4: Connect to Wi-Fi

Sometimes there is a problem with your cellular data. So try to connect with Wi-Fi and then try to download the apps.

Method#5: Re-add 2G/3G Access Settings 

This method involves re-adding the 2G/3G access settings of your Mobile phone. Firstly, you have to delete your mobile’s access point 2G/3G settings. After rebooting, again turn on the mobile and re-add the access setting.

Method#6: Reset App Preferences 

  • Go to the Settings>Apps and Reset App Preferences option.
  • Click on the Reset apps button.

reset app preferences

Method#7: Uninstall and Re-install the Google Play Store 

  • Go the Settings>Apps and Notifications and tap on the Google Play Store app.
  • Tap on the options Clear Cache, Clear Data, and Force Stop.

  • Re-install the Google Play Store app on your phone.

Method#8: Use PC to Install Android App

If any of the above methods are not working for you, you can install the app on your Android by using a PC. Follow the below steps.

  • Connect your mobile to the PC by using the USB cable.
  • Go to the PC browser and open the Google Play Store App.
  • Search for the app you want to install and tap on the install button.
  • It’s saved the downloaded app on your Android phone.

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