Google Play Store Error Code : 504 ? [Fixed]

Google play store offers a lot of applications for their users, which are very easy to install and use. But still, users face many problems while downloading or updating their apps. One of them is Error Code: 504, which usually comes due to some fault or error in the App. But it can also occur due to some problems in the Android device. You may get an error message as

“[App Name] can’t be installed. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting, (Error Code:- 504).”

By keeping in mind all of the above-listed issues, we have prepared the solutions for you to get rid of the Error Code: 504. Here you will find all the possible solutions that can fix this error while you are downloading or installing the apps from Google Play Store. Let’s get started with the solution without wasting any further time.

Google Play Store Error Code 504
Google Play Store Error Code 504

Different Ways to Fix the Error Code: 504

There can be multiple ways to solve the Error Code: 504. You can start with the simple solution and then move to the other advanced solutions.

Method#1: Turn Off Mobile Data and Then Back On

You can start resolving the issue with this simplest method as sometimes this error also occurs due to a slower internet connection or poor mobile data network. So, turn your Airplane mode on and then off by going to Settings and then Data Usage. Now, try again to download or update the apps via Google Play Store. If it does not work, follow the below methods.

Method#2: Clear App Data 

This is the second method, which allows you to handle the Error Code: 504.

  • Go to the Settings>Application Manager or Apps and open All apps.
  • Find the Google Play Store from the apps list and Clear Data and Clear Cache.

clear chache 2 error 501

error 504 clear data clear cache


  • Find Google Services Framework, then Clear Data and Clear Cache from the list.
  • Now try to install or update the apps from Google Play Store.

Method#3: Try Removing and Adding Gmail 

  • Go to the Settings>Accounts>Google and remove the Gmail account.

error code 504 remove account1

error code 504 remove account2

  • Now go to Settings>Apps>All and Force Stop and Cache for Google Play StoreGoogle Services Framework, and Download Manager.

google play services error code 504

  • Again go to the Settings>Accounts>Google and add your Gmail account.
  • Restart your device and return to the Google Play Store and try to update or install your apps.

Method#4: Install a VPN App

  • Install a VPN App from Google Play Store.
  • Now open the App and select the US as a country of connection, and press connect.
  • Open Google Play Store and download your App.

Hopefully, you have fixed the Error: 504 on your Android phone.


We hope our solutions have helped you resolve your error code (504). If you are still facing any problems, let us know in the comments. We will try to respond to your query as soon as possible.

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