Google Play Store Error Code: DF-BPA-09 ? [Fixed]

The Error Code DF-BPA-09 occurs when Android users try to download or install an app from Google Play Store. Fortunately, you can fix this issue by taking some easy 5 to 6 steps. When a user faces this issue, he will see a pop-up on his mobile screen as

Error Processing purchase [DF-BPA-09]”                     

If you are also facing the same issue, you are at the right place. This article will tell you about the different ways to fix the error code DF-BPA-09. You have to keep in mind there is no single solution to this problem. If anyone of the below solutions doesn’t work for you, move to the next one on the list.

Google Play Store Error Code DF-BPA-09
Google Play Store Error Code DF-BPA-09

Different Ways to Fix the Error Code: DF-BPA-09

First of all, you can try to resolve this issue by rebooting your device. Many times the Error Code DF-BPA-09 can simply be resolved by doing that. But if you are still facing the issue, you can follow these methods.

Method#1: Sign Out and Sign In to your Google Account 

Sometimes the Google account can also be the reason behind this error. This is the account that is used for the Google Play Store app to download and update the apps. So, if the issue is with the account, you can try logging out from your Google account and logging back into it. This may work for you to fix the Error Code: DF-BPA-09. Follow the below steps.

  • Go to Settings>Accounts and Sync. 
  • Select the Google account.

error code 504 remove account1

  • Tap on Remove account.

error code 504 remove account2

Restart your device and sign back into the Google account.

Method#2: Clear the Data and Cache 

Maybe the data and cache file are creating this issue. Follow the below steps to clear the Data and Cache.

  • Go to the Settings>Apps and choose the Google Play Store.

clear chache 2 error 501

  • Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

error 504 clear data clear cache

  • Repeat the process for Google Play Services.

Method#3: Change the Internet Connection 

Sometimes this error can be due to a poor internet connection. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, you can turn it off and try to download or update the app on cellular data or vice versa. You can also use another Wi-Fi to change your internet connection.

Method#4: Update your Device’s Operating System 

Keeping your device’s system up to date is another good way to prevent the usual errors. Follow the below steps to update your device’s operating system.

  • Go to Settings>System Apps Updater and check if there is any update available.
  • If the system update is available, tap on the update to install. You may need to restart your device after completing the installation.

Method#5: Remove and Reinsert the SD Card 

If the app is installed on your device’s SD card and misplaced due to some reason, you will receive this error. Maybe your device fails to read it. So, remove the SD card, clean it with a dry cloth and place it back. If you are still facing the same issue, you need to remove the card and try to install the app on the internal memory.

Method#6: Wipe the Cache Partition

This is the last option you can try to fix the Error code DF-BPA-09. You need to wipe the cache partition by the recovery menu. It’s especially beneficial when the operating system itself causes the problem. Follow the below steps to wipe the cache partition.

  • Power off your mobile phone. Press and hold the Volume up and power buttons.
  • A menu will appear, now use the volume up and down buttons to move to the Wipe Cache Partition option.

wipe cache partition

  • Now, make the selection using the power button.


We hope our solutions to the error code: DF-BPA-09 have helped you. If you are still facing any problems let us know in the comments, and we will try to respond to your query as soon as possible.

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