Google Play Store Error RPC:S-7: AEC:0 ? [Solved]

Sometimes when you are trying to download and update the apps from the Google Play Store, you get an error message “RPC:S-7: AEC:0” from the server. Mostly, this error occurs when you try to purchase an app from Google Play on your Android or Tablet. You can fix such types of errors by updating the Play Store [Now Google Play] or rebooting the device. But it’s different from the other Google Play Store errors as it takes place when the Google Play store is not able to retrieve the information from the server. Don’t worry; in this tutorial, we will help you to fix the error RPC:S-7: AEC:0 on your smartphone or tablet.

Method#1:- Delete your Google Account

First, you can delete your Google account to solve this issue. Go to Settings > Accounts > Google > More and tap on Remove Account.




Method#2: Clear the Cache and Data

Clear the Google Play Store Data and Cache. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Clear Data > Clear Cache.




Method#3: Uninstall the Google Play Store Updates

Uninstall all the updates of the Google Play Store on your smartphone. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > More > Uninstall Updates > Ok.

Method#4: Set the Date and Time

Check, if the time and date are not correct. Go to the Settings > Date & Time. First of all, disable the automatic date and time. Then tap on the Set date and press ok. Now tap on Set time and ok. In the end, enable the automatic date and time again.















We hope these solutions have solved the Google Play Store Error RPC:S-7: AEC:0. If you are still getting this error try to contact google directly and ask them for a solution. You can also ask us in the comments, our team of experts will reply to you with a possible solution. Thank you

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