How to Back-up your Android Phone before Factory Reset?

Are you going to factory reset your smartphone? It’s necessary to back up all the data on your device if you want to restore it after a factory reset. Normally, a lot of important data and files are stored on the smartphone, which includes contact, appointments, apps, settings, and passwords. Androids offer a built-in backup tool, which allows you to back up your content using your Google account. However, the specific steps and procedures can be different depending on your phone and version.

Here we have covered different ways to back up the Android data, you can use any of them accordingly.

How to Back-up your Android Phone
How to Back-up your Android Phone

1. Using Native Back-up Features of Android 

Android Data Back-up and Restore Tool is the best-recommended option to back up the Android data before factory reset. It involves only a single click to back up your important stuff. Always keep an updated backup of your Android device to avoid data inaccessibility. This efficient tool creates the backup for calendars, photos, videos, emails, contacts, app data, call logs, notes, music, app, etc. After making a backup you can easily preview it and restore it on any of your Android. This safe and secure solution doesn’t require any technical help.

You can’t use this option to back up the multimedia files. Use 2nd option to backup media files.

This feature is present for quite a while but gathered attention due to some recent innovative updates. It’s one of the efficient backup features of Android, but it also has a data size limit restriction. Follow the below steps to back up your Android device before a factory reset.


Go to the Settings > About > Backup and Reset. Here you will get various backup options. Tap on the Back-up My Data, and turn on the back-ups.






























Now, you need to choose your Google account where you want to save the backup. Go to the Settings > Account & Sync > Google, and checkmark all the options available on that page. This will back up all the data present on your Android.





2. Using MTP

If your concern is only related to media files. This option is suitable for you. MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) is the upgraded version of the Picture Transfer Protocol and is mainly used to transfer images from cameras to PC. It works on the USB transfer system and can shift the videos, audio, and files from Android to PC. Follow these steps to back up your Android device before factory reset with MTP.


First, connect your mobile with the PC using the USB cable. You will get a notification on your mobile screen about the USB connection. By default, the “charging” option is selected; change it to “Transfer Files”/MTP. Now the PC will detect it as a media device.



Go to the My Computer option on your PC. Find the internal memory or SD card, which has the files you want to back up. Open the DCIM folder, copy all the video and audio files you want to store, and paste them into your computer folder.

3. Back-up Android Data on Mac

You can use the Android Phone Switch Tool to back up the data on a Mac device. It allows you to copy and transfer all the data on your Android device to the Mac device. You can transfer all the data to macOS, including the Photos, videos, messages, apps, call logs, etc.

4. Back-up the Samsung Phone Using Smart Switch 

This is one of the best tools for Samsung users to back up the Android before factory reset. Most of the Samsung galaxy models come with the Smart Switch app installed by default, and there are three ways to transfer data.

  1. Transfer data from your old phone to your new Galaxy phone via USB Cable
  2. Using Wi-Fi
  3. Using your PC/Mac.

Choose any of the following methods and follow these steps to back up your data.


Download the Samsung Smart Switch on your PC and open it. Click on the Backup.


A pop-up will appear; click on the Allow button to give permission for backing up your phone on the PC. The data backup process will begin.


Wait for the backup process to be completed and perform a factory reset.

5. Best Apps to back-up Android Data 

1. G-Cloud Back-up

Many apps are widely accepted to back up Android data. However, there is a limit to backing up the data on these devices. Follow the below steps to back up your data on the G cloud backup app.

Open the Google Play Store and download the G Cloud Backup. Now make an account and select the data you want to backup.

2. Google Drive Back-up

Google Drive is another easy and best option to back up the Android data before a factory reset. Follow the below steps to back up your data on Google drive.

Step1:- Open the Google Drive app on your smartphone. Sign in with your Google account and hit the “+” icon in the bottom right corner.

Step2:- A menu will be open on the screen; now tap on the “upload” option. Wait until the data is selected for the backup. Now you can access this data easily by signing in to your Google account on PC.

3. Google Play Music

It’s one of the best apps to back up Android audio files. Follow the below steps to do that.

Step1:- Go to the Settings > Accounts > Google, and select the Google account where you want to back up your phone music.

Step2:- Move down to the Google Play Music switch it on and wait until it gets synchronized successfully.

4. Google Photos

You can use Google Photos to back up all of your Android photos. Follow the below steps.

Step1:- If you don’t have the Google Photos app on your Android, download and install it. After that, sign in with your Google account.

Step2:- Select the photos you want to back up. Make a long press to select multiple photos. The photos that were uploaded successfully will appear with the cloud symbol and a line.

Step3:- After selecting all the photos you want, tap on the top right section of your screen. A menu will open; select the backup button. This will upload all the selected photos to Google Photos.


We hope our backup solutions have helped you back up all your android data. If you are still confused about anything let us know in the comments, and our team of experts will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Thank you


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