How to Turn Off Automatic Updates in the Google Play Store?

You must be annoyed by Google Play Store’s automatic updates. It’s important to keep the apps updated as these include bug fixes and security updates. So by default, this option is enabled by google play.

But if your Android is continuously running low on space, battery, or data, these are no more than any nuisance. Follow these steps, if you are tired of automatic updates on your phone.

How to Turn Off the Automatic Updates in the Google Play Store
How to Turn Off the Automatic Updates in the Google Play Store

Disabling the Auto-Update Apps in the Google Play

Step1:- Open the Google Play Store app and tap on the Google account icon on the upper-right corner of your mobile phone. Then choose the Settings from the pop-up menu.
















Step2:- In the Google Play Store Settings, tap on the Network Preference. Now tap on Auto-update apps, a pop-up will appear. Choose the “Don’t auto-update apps” from this menu. It means that you only update the apps manually. Still, if you want your apps to update automatically, select the Auto-Update apps over the Wi-Fi only. The “Wi-Fi only” option will save your sim data.



Manually Updating the Apps 

Step1:- To manually update the apps, open the Google Play Store and tap on the Google account icon again. Choose the Manage apps and device from the pop-up menu.














Step2:- Now tap on the “updates available”, you will see a list of the available updates. If you want to update all of them at once, you can choose “update all” from the top.


We hope our solution has helped you Turn Off Automatic Updates from google play. If you are unable to turn off your automatic updates let us know in the comments. We will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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