Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped? Fixed!

It’s very frustrating when you see an error message “Google Play Services has stopped”. Unfortunately, many android users experience the same problem from time to time. It’s important to fix it as quickly as possible before things get worse. But before the solution, you should know the reason behind the error “Google Play Services Stopped working.”

Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped
” Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped”

What are the reasons behind “Google Play Services Stopped has stopped.”?

Most of the Google Play Services are stopped due to bad software or network issues. However, for some devices, the play store is hard-wired, due to which the wrong version of Google Play services rolls out. So, it’s important to start with the simplest and easiest method to fix this problem.

Sometimes this error message keeps prompting even after upgrading the firmware or new ROM installation. Let’s start with the simplest solution and find the best one, which fits you.

1. Reboot Your Smartphone

Most of the smartphone play store problems are solved by a reboot. You can simply switch off and turn on your Android device. Hold down the power button of your device until the shutdown menu appears. Select the power down icon. Now restart it by holding the same power button and opening the Play Store to check whether your issue is resolved or not. Enjoy the Google Play Services if it’s resolved. But if you are still facing the same issue, don’t worry as we have a lot more to do to handle this error.

2. Upgrade the Google Services and The Play Store

Sometimes the outdated version of the Play Store and Google Services is also causing this problem. So, check for updates whenever you face this issue. Follow the below steps to upgrade your Google play store.

Step1:- Open the Google Play Store and tap on your profile icon from the top right corner, on the right of the search bar. A popup will appear.
















Step2:- Tap on the Manage apps and devices from the popup and see the list of all the pending updates. Tap on update all, which will update all the outdated apps if an update is available.


Step3:- Now open the top-right menu again and tap on settings. Scroll to the bottom and tape the Play Store version to check the updates.


Step4:- Restart your smartphone and launch the Play Store.

3. Switch from Cellular Data To Wi-Fi or Vice-Versa

You may also see the error “Unfortunately, the Play Services has stopped.” due to poor internet connection. But sometimes, it’s doesn’t give any error message. It refuses to start them all together or might fall in the middle of downloads. In some cases, it’s pretty simple to fix it by simply shifting from cellular data to Wi-Fi or Vice-Versa. You can also change your Wi-Fi or use any other cellular data to fix this problem.

4. Change the Time and Date

Google Play Services can also stop working due to incorrect times and dates. Follow the below steps to set a time and date.

Step1:- Go to your Smartphone Settings, and select Additional Settings.

Step2:- Now, choose the Date & Time option in the menu, and make sure the Automatic date and time option is enabled.
















Step3:- If the problem is still there, you need to manually set the time and date by disabling the automatic time function.

Step4:- Restart your smartphone and launch the Play Store.

5. Clear Google Play Services Data and Cache

If the Google Play Services still keeps stopping, the Google Services cache cleaning can fix the issue. Although the Google Services Framework is not a separate app, it’s recommended to remove the data from both services. Before doing that, you should know that it can also remove the cache, which contains the information related to the data storage location. Follow the below steps to clear the Google Play Services Data and Cache.

Step1:- Go to settings > click on Apps > Manage Apps and find the Google Play Store.















Step2:- Tap the Google Play Store and choose clear data from the below horizontal list. Then tap on clear all data or clear cache.
















Step3:- Now repeat the above process for Google Services Framework as well. Maybe you need to tap on the three dots on the right corner and choose show all apps to reveal it.
















Step4:- Restart your smartphone and launch the Play Store.

6. Revert to an Older Version of Google Play Store

Sometimes reverting to an older version of the Google Play Store can resolve the issue. Follow the below steps to do that.

Step1:- Open Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Google Play Store.

Step2:- Tap on Uninstall Updates from the below horizontal menu. This will uninstall all the updates and replace them with the original version that came with your smartphone.


Step3:- Restart your smartphone and launch the Play Store.

7. Remove Your Google Account

Sometimes the user account is not added correctly in the Android devices. If this is the case, remove the existing account and re-add it. Follow the below steps to do that.

Step1:- Go to Settings > Accounts & Sync > Google.
















Step2:- Tap on the More option from the center of the bottom Android screen and choose Remove account. If you don’t want to lose your data from that account, make sure to back up your account.

Step3:- Re-add your account, and check if the Google Play Store works again.

8. Factory Reset Your Device

The factory reset of the Android device restored it to its original state. This will revert the original version of the Play Store and apps, which can certainly resolve the issues. Unfortunately, this clears all the data from your phone, including the apps, photos, texts, and more. So make sure to back up your Android phone if you choose this option. Go to Settings and search Factory reset from the top search bar. Tap on the result and erase all the data.

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